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what you can expect from Scoopy Doo


Our first time at your place will be an initial meeting, where your pets and you will have to be present for a formal introduction. After that, you will no longer need to be present. We will send you a text message when we are done with our job, every time. For our safety and the safety of your property, we will need to have access to your yard as we will no way jump a locked gate. We prefer not to have a key for a locked property as many keys can get confusing. But if desired, we will supply you with a complimentary combination lock at no charge.

You choose when to pay



   Whether you're one of those people who just like to get things taken care of right away. We can accept your payment at the beginning of the month before we do our work. Or, if you would like to pay at the end of the month when the job is all done. That's fine too. If you choose to pay at the end of the month. We will mail you an invoice on the 1st. 

   You can pay either by cash, paypal, venmo or check by mail. Any payment received past the 15th of the month will be considered late and a $5 fee will be added. Any payment that bounces will be subjected to a $20 fee.


Ask us about our other services

 Besides making sure your yard is clean of your pets waste. We offer kitty box litter clean up  as well as kennel/ dog walk cleaning and disinfecting. Have horses? Yah. We will clean up after them too. 


 Coming soon. We will be offering dog walking and dog sitting as well. 

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